Southland Fly Fishing use and recomend Sage premier maker of flyfishing equipment in the US For more than 20 years, RIO has demonstrated passion, innovation and a pure love for the sport through its development of the industry’s highest performance fly lines. We also recomend Fishpond USA suppliers of quality  fishing vests, gear bags, accessories and tools
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Parachute Blowfly

A superb all round dry fly mainly used as an attractor pattern »

Parachute Owaka

Not one of your more common flies but a very good one at that »

Opeti Nymph

Black fibre tail, stripped peacock herl quill for the body »

Pheasant Tail Variant

A long time favourite and very successful fly »

Jim Meier - Portland Oregon db_pic_061 The Take John Lance ,Australia with an April Brown in the Lochy River
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