Opeti Nymph

I named this fly after a mate of mine ”PETE” who loves to fish the Upper Oreti River – hence the name.


Opeti Nymph

This pattern was developed over 3 – 4 seasons before finally settling on the above pattern and i have had huge success with it as have other fellow fly fishers that have tried it. I am a firm believer that too many flies (nymphs) are over dressed and the real success of this fly is it’s slim profile. It is clearly my number one nymph pattern and most often use it in a tandem rig set up with this fly being the point fly.

Black fibre tail, stripped peacock herl quill for the body, black thinskin wingcase and a thorax of brown squirrel fur and a black tungsten bead. Two strands of black krystal flash tied either side for legs cut short. The bead is part of the thorax and is covered by the wingcase and not at the front of the hook as per normal. I use Kamasan B175 hooks in size 14 and 16 with a 2.5mm bead for size 14 and a 2.0mm bead for size 16. ”DYNAMITE”

To order this fly, please email Daryl Paskell.

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