Hi my name is Daryl Paskell

Daryl Paskell

I am the head guide at Nokomai. With over 40 years fly fishing experience both locally and internationally, I remain as passionate today as I did when I started fly fishing at the age of 10.


From the novice through to the experienced fly fisherman I enjoy sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from exploring the myths and perceptions  of fly fishing.


If you are coming to New Zealand to fly fish then I would love to guide you and Nokomai is one of the finest places to do it from with access to over 30 different rivers and streams all within an hours drive.


I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association ( NZPFGA ) for almost 20 years.


Mobile: +64275483469 
Email:- clearriversrun@xtra.co.nz


For the past 10 years in February, I have had the great pleasure of fishing the Southland rivers with Daryl Paskell, as my guide and importantly as my friend.  Each year has been truly superb!

Daryl Paskell is the consummate fisherman/guide, extraordinarily knowledgeable, extremely patient, as well as an inveterate teacher of the South Island fishery, who is able to spot fish with remarkable precision in the crystal clear water.  As a guide, Daryl strives to have his clients achieve at their highest skill level.  This past year for me was particularly rewarding with 93 fish brought to the net in 12 days.  Also of note are the seven beautiful brown trout in excess of 10 lbs (!) that, due to Daryl, I have been fortunate to land over the years.

Few guides in the world can boast this level of success for their clients.  Daryl Paskell is simply of the very best!  I recommend him to you without reservation.

~Amos B. Smith, III
Pennsylvania, USA

We had a great time. The Oreti river will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. I was thrilled with the opportunity to catch such, big, beautiful fish such a secluded environment. while I have seen big fish before, never have I seen so many, and had so many chances of catching that Big brown.

Daryl was awesome. He has the eyes of an eagle and truly understands what it takes to catch the big one. He also has a great sense of humor and we not only caught some fish, but we had a few laughs as well. When I go back to the South Island, I will definitely fish with Daryl. He was great

Then there was Roger and Paula. Great accommodations, Great food and very fun getting to know them. We love the place and Paula goes out of her way to make you feel at home and feed you food that is “just like Mom’s”

It was a great trip and one that I will be telling my fishing mates about for some time to come. We are hoping to make it back again to see if we can’t land a few more of the big ones.

~Rich Bushell
Utah USA

I have been on my annual fishing trips with Daryl for about 8 years now: I simply won’t go to another guide! Daryl has sound local knowledge of, amongst other things: The prevailing winds and how they will influence the days’ fishing; Run-off waters from rain and snow, and what influence that has on water colour and the types of insect life that are expected to be found in a specific area, to name but a few…

Daryl knows most of the local land-owners locals by name, and his rapport with his clients is really good.

~Paul Gilbert
Ballina, Australia

My son and I, together with two of our friends, fished with Southland Fly Fishing last December, using the Royal Mail Hotel in Lumsden as our headquarters. Our guides, Alan Wilson, Graeme Watson and Daryl Paskell stayed at the nearby motel and joined us after breakfast each morning ready to go.

The fishing in Southland is as good as any New Zealand has to offer. The Mataura, in spite of its fame, remains a much underrated stream. The other major river system is that of the Oreti but there are myriads of smaller streams in the area, all fishing well at the right time. Alan, Graeme and Daryl know these waters backwards. They made the most  of some difficult conditions, finding some great fishing in interesting and challenging places. Typically, the fish were in the three to five pound bracket, browns and rainbows, with the biggest being my son’s eight-pounder. (Let’s not get confused with kilos or inches.)

The Southland team has picked out some spots for our next trip and we will join them again next December. They are first rate guides, great company and highly recommended.

~John Lance
Sydney, Australia

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